Out of the shadows

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Out of the shadows

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In 1996, following the traumatic death of her husband, she co wrote a best seller – Phoenix, Policing the Shadows with Jack Holland about her husband's life as an anti terrorism officer in Ireland. It was voted as the “most balanced book to come out of the Northern Ireland troubles”. It continues to sell today. A highly controversial topic to this day. In 2006 she wrote her own story Out of the Shadows, a journey from Grief. She has been in demand by all media sources across the Uk as a result of her broad life experiences illustrated by both books. It was translated into Portugese. Out of the Shadows has inspired many people to change their lives. Susan receives regular letters from readers with thanks. Clara Schiavoni from Italy was inspired to write her own inspirational story and the resultant publicity for Clara has encouraged overseas agencies to ask for translations of both books. The publishing rights are now available.


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