Susan Phoenix

Healer, “light-worker” and Doctor of Psychology. Susan has known great joy and sadness as a military nurse, mother, wife, and widow. As a pioneer for deaf family dynamics and language development she developed a reputation for her down-to-earth passion for communication More recently she has devoted her considerable energy into world-wide research of complimentary therapies to treat depression. This is possibly the first book to cover terrorism, the SAS, traumatic death, grieving, depression, mysticism, angels, clairvoyance, past life regression, naturopathy psychology and physics to a life changing spiritual understanding of this world and the next. Learn to know that you are your own best friend and biggest self support system in times of stress.

Angels, Energies and Auras - for inspiration
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Have you ever wanted to write? This unique production is the result of a new collaboration between Gratitude art and Dr Susan Phoenix. Their aim is to... More

CD - A Cosmic Meditation Journey
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Two guided Angel meditations, peaceful contemplation and music from the Andalucian Gong Man

Living Gratitude Meditation CD
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This CD will take you on a spiritual journey as you follow the two meditations and allow yourself to relax and rediscover your inner self. The first... More

Out of the shadows
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In 1996, following the traumatic death of her husband, she co wrote a best seller – Phoenix, Policing the Shadows with Jack Holland about her husband's life... More


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