Gratitude in your relationship

Do you want to improve the relationship that you are in? Would you like to be happier on a daily basis and enjoy your partner’s company more? Then gratitude is the way forward.

When we first meet we are focusing on the best aspects of our new partner. We are excited every time we meet and notice the smallest things that our partner does. We tell our friends how wonderful he/she is, the endearing things that he/she did etc. We always concentrate on our new love’s positive side - and that is why it all feels so great! We are in love and inclined to emphasise the positive.

But then time passes and we slowly begin to focus on our partner’s more negative aspects. All of a sudden we start noticing the faults and– very gradually – we see more and more traits that we dislike... and little by little we find ourselves in a relationship that seems to bring us only unhappiness. And what happened really? Did our partner change? Did we make a mistake? Or did we simply start zooming in on flaws, rather than seeing the beauty in the person next to us? We placed our faith in the negative and that way we initiated even more negative thoughts about our “better half”; a sure way to push our partner away. Worst of all, we were never once grateful for the soul sleeping next to us. We just took him/her for granted.

So before it is too late, you can make a choice - to carry on this destructive behaviour or to change your attitude.

Many of the things that happen to us in our lives we cannot predict or control, but there is one thing we can control. Every day you have a choice: you can decide to privilege the positive over the negative! Once you realise this, you have made a very powerful discovery, one that gives you freedom; freedom to transform your mundane existence into the life of which you’ve dreamed!

So the choice is yours; focus on the negative and you can be sure that you will receive more of the same. So maybe you want to reconsider next time you start thinking unpleasant things about your partner? Take your power back and recall his or her positive side and you will guarantee an improvement in your relationship.

Look at your partner and start noting the nice things he/she does. Maybe just start with being grateful for the fact that you are not alone, like so many other people. Be grateful that this person is choosing you- every day. That could be a brilliant start to a whole new attitude.

Tip to stay focused on gratitude in your relationship:

(when doing this please hold your hand on your heart and feel the sensation of gratitude)

Write down 3 things about your partner that you are grateful for - everyday if possible. The 3 things should be different every day. That way you will build up a "library" of positives about your partner that you can read through if you are feeling down about your relationship at any point.

Here are some examples:

I am grateful for the way he/she always backs me up.
I am grateful for the fact that She/he is always positve in the morning.
I am grateful for my partner´s patience.
I am grateful that my parner makes me laugh. 


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