Law of Attraction Journal

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Law of Attraction Journal

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This beautifully designed Journal invites you to fill out a Cosmic Ordering Sheet and request what you would like the Universe to deliver. Sometimes we concentrate on the small details and neglect the bigger picture, which is why this Journal is so useful in helping us to regroup and decide what we really want. To help you to decide, the Journal also features many inspirational quotes.

Would you like to be happier in your career? Do you feel that your home life has become dull and unrewarding? Take a few minutes to decide what help you would like from the Universe and write your request; if it fits the destiny which the Universe intends many happy surprises could await you!

“You are the creator of your own experience.”

“You can be, have or do anything you want!”

“Abundance is a feeling.”

This handmade, spiral-bound journal is made from high quality materials and contains a relevant quote or suggestion on each page and a Cosmic Ordering Sheet on every other page.


It is good to believe that the Universe is a benevolent place, but it is best not to assume that your wishes and goals will be met. Sometimes it helps to give fortune a nudge, which is where the Law of Attraction Journal comes into its own. Take some time out to put your dearest wishes into words and you will be amazed at the results.  


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