Joy Journal

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Joy Journal

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Joy is an integral part of Gratitude and is a fundamental part of our well-being. If we don’t feel Joy, how can we feel Gratitude? This journal will inspire you to celebrate all the joyful things in your life and guide you on your way to achieving the ability to recall - automatically - what is good in your life. There’s so much to enjoy, from a brisk walk on the beach to listening to a purring cat!

The Joy Journal is a practical and inspirational reminder of how good life can be – if only we would let it. It’s all too easy to spend time concentrating on the things that we don’t have that we often ignore all the great aspects of our existence.

“Joy is…noticing the abundance all around you.”

“Joy is…to talk to a stranger and feel a connection.”

“Joy is...a new beginning every day.”

This handmade, spiral-bound journal is made from high quality materials and contains many relevant and unique quotes.


Sometimes we need a little prompting to feel joy; life is, all too frequently, so hectic that we don’t take the time to recall our favourite things. The Joy Journal serves as a reminder of all the joyful things that life has to offer. All we need to do is to find a quiet space to rediscover our great capacity for Joy.


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