Gratitude Journal - red front

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Gratitude Journal - red front

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This useful Journal will help you to focus on the good things in your life and create a new positive attitude. By focusing on all the benefits that you have, you will encourage even more wonderful experiences and people to connect with you. Embrace this new philosophy - the more gratitude you display, the better your life will become.

Gratitude is an active process, so to allow you to concentrate on all that’s good in your life the Journal contains pages encouraging you to make notes of all the things and people for which you are grateful. There are also quotes to inspire your new optimistic philosophy and remind you of the importance of a positive state of mind.

“I improve my life by being grateful.”

“Gratitude comes from the heart.”

“I create more of what I want by feeling grateful.”

This handmade, spiral-bound journal is made from high quality materials and contains many relevant quotes or suggestions.


Gratitude attracts good things; this Journal has been created to help you to concentrate your thoughts on the enjoyable aspects of your life. Gratitude is like a magnet for happy outcomes and good fortune, but we are not all naturally grateful. Follow the instructions in this attractive Journal and surround yourself with an aura of positivity and allow Gratitude to transform your life.


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