Divine Protection Journal

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Divine Protection Journal

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Do you feel that you are helped, guided and protected by a divine force? We can all call on the power of the Angels to assist us in our everyday lives, yet so few of us take the time to reflect on the positivity that constantly surrounds us. Do you feel anxious, stressed and uncertain of what the future holds? You don’t need to worry, since the power of the Angels is here to protect you.

In case you forget, this handy Journal reminds you of the finer things in life: not money, designer clothes or material riches, but the presence of a benevolent and loving universe.

“Open up to Angelic Inspiration”

“Angels send us love and light”

“Bring into your life more balance, healing and harmony”

This handmade, spiral-bound Journal is made from high quality materials and contains many relevant and unique quotes.


When it comes to believing in the positive power that envelops us every day we have surprisingly short memories! It’s so easy to focus on life’s more negative aspects that we often overlook all the wonderful things that happen. This Journal is full of upbeat quotes and timely reminders of life’s most enjoyable and wondrous aspects.


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