Nicola Brown

I have been a muscician all my life. When I was younger I also studied interior decoration and have had a life-long interest in the effects of music, sound, colour and living environments on our lives. I think I have always looked for many ways to create a sense of inner harmony and peace. These interests took me on many travels around the world to see how other cultures achieved harmony in their lives, and discovered that a close connection to nature plays a very important part. In my search for answers, I have studied naturopathy, aromatherapy, various healing techniques, stress management, many aspects of the use of sound and colour therapy. Having taught music and the use of sound for over twenty years, I now work mostely in the field of sound-healing, suing my beautiful crystal bowls, which are made of quartz crystal mixed with other minerals and semi-precious stones - thus blending the harmonizing effects of sound, colour and crystals. For more information, see www.soundsmagical.com .


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