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A Matter of life and death Workshop

If you’re trying to work through grief, you need all the help that you can get. Forget about being a burden – if you ask for help you’ll feel less isolated...


October 2012

Great news! Line Lyster and Dr. Susan Phoenix will be attending the next local Mind, Body & Spirit Festival...

November newsletter

July 2012

If you are looking for something unique and new take a look at our new Gratitude Art Affirmation products...

May newsletter

May 2012

Do you often find yourself worried or stressed about your finances?

April newsletter

April 2012

Everyone loves a beautiful ceremony and a piece of fruit cake, but choosing the right wedding gift can be a real challenge...

November newsletter

March 2012

It is the month of the International Women´s Day, and the beginning of spring is the time to celebrate...

January newsletter

January 2012

Keeping a Gratitude journal can help you keep a record of the things you are grateful for in your life...

December newsletterDecember 2011

December is a magical time with lots of opportunities to show our Gratitude towards others...

November newsletterNovember 2011

If you are looking for Christmas presents that are different and meaningful, Gratitude Art is a good place to start your search...


September newsletterSeptember 2011

Come to our workshop and find out how gratitude, love and the power of the Universe can jump start your energy...





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