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- Your own personal Astrology Gratitude Art Canvas.

To order your personal Astrology Canvas - click on the product and send us your personal details so we can prepare it for you.


Gratitude Art works with Astrologer Ann Savil in the production of these canvases. A perfect gift that will last a lifetime.

Each canvas is designed individually and the colours and elements of the design will depend on your Astrology reading. Here on this page  you can see some examples.

About Ann Savill:  

Ann Savill work primarily as an Astrologer although her skills and other interests cover many areas of self-development and personal transformation.  For over twenty years she has worked as a 
Physical Therapist and during this time she explored and experienced many treatments 
and therapies from the orthodox and complimentary to the metaphysical and transpersonal 
realms. She developed a deep and intuitive understanding of how our concerns, thoughts 
and behavioural patterns can undermine our emotional and physical well being and she brings this 
insight and awareness into her Astrology work, her Reference Point Therapy consultations and 
her Energy Healing sessions. Ann can be contacted through Gratitude Art.

Astrology Canvases
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How to interpret your Astrology Canvas Your Ascendant Sign, the energies associated with this zodiac sign are symbolic of the general impression... More


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