"I love my Gratitude Art journal!"


"I bought the meditation CD at the Arte-Sano festival recently - and it's fantastic - I listen to it every night and every morning! - the sound of the Tibetan singing bowls are wonderful and Susan Phoenix has such a calming voice, its wonderful too. Would make a fantastic Christmas pressie!!"


"Well done to all of you. Just listened to the new cd. It's truly amazing - wonderful - professional - impressive and above all inspirational. I LOVE IT.


"October 2008
I have long been interested in the power of positive thought and am always on the lookout for products that help foster this way of thinking. Daily we are subject to TV/Radio news or read the papers which are full of depressing, discouraging and disappointing stories that literally strike fear into our hearts and dampen our spirits – inevitably leading to negative thoughts.
These canvases are a marvellous way to inspire and brighten not just a corner of a room but a corner of your life!
The ability to wake up and start your day by reading inspirational affirmations from a stunning, decorative canvas on your bedroom wall reinforces the power of positive thought and gratitude... equally so by reading them just before you go to sleep at night!
The power of thought is infinite and by encouraging positive thought you encourage a positive and grateful attitude ensuring a happier and more fulfilled life.- Michelle Cowen, Byron Bay, Australia"


"I wasn’t really into all this law of attraction, but one of my colleagues bought a gratitude canvas and put it up in the office. I thought it was really nice and as days passed on I noticed that I was more relaxed especially when talking to difficult clients.
I checked out the gratitude canvas website and bought the law of attraction canvas. It’s up in my bedroom and I love it, it’s so beautiful and as well as reminding me about the things to attract in life it really brightened up my room, it almost sparkles. - Olga Frutos, Benahavís, Spain
october 2009"


"November 2008
"Im very excited about being involved in a project that gives out so much positive energy. Im sure it will be a great success." - David Donaldson, Clinica Medicare, Costa del Sol, Spain"


"Hi Line - just felt that I would like to share this with you. Before using my treasured new box of element cards I held each one and asked that it be filled with inspirational angel energies which mixed with my energy. I asked that the pack give me a card appropriate to me at the time or answer my question truly whenever I withdrew one. Then I shuffled them and 3 fell out:-

1.Time To Trust
...trust your inner potential. Let the wind blow away your self doubt, so you can allow yourself to be all that you are.

2. Let The Light In
... Ask with love in your heart and light will enter your soul. All is well now.

3. The Magic Is Back
.... Are you open for surprises in your life? Or are you living your life like a robot? This card tells you to let the Magic back into your like. Ask yourself: What do I really want?

All three exceptionaly appropriate to me right now. How fantastic is that. My challenge now is to stay with the energies of Saturday and truly believe that I am worth it. Thanks to people like yourself and Susan I am reminded - and have to keep remembering - that the Universe introduced me to what it has to offer - a special gift indeed.

Love Pat xx
June 2010


"'Make gratitude your attitude'
'Gratitude is one of the very best ways to instant happiness. You cannot be unhappy if you are feeling grateful'

When I read the above phrases in the book by Ann Marie Woodall titled 'Secrets of a High Heeled Healer' I was
immediately put in mind of 'Gratitude Art' for whichever of the products one looks at they invariably make you smile;
you are immediately uplifted. If you're feeling down they remind you that you do have cause to be grateful. The Gratitude Guidance cards I especially like - whether you're looking for direction as to a specific question or simply taking a card for fun, the one you choose will always be pertinent to your situation at that moment.
August 2011"


"Gratitude Art is inspiring! It gives joy and peace when one looks at these beautiful pieces of creation. You can feel the energy radiating from each piece especially the canvases. I have the canvas in my home and use the cards in my intuitive development classes. I would recommend a piece of Gratitude Art in your home to uplift the energies both in the home and the people living there.
Thank you for your gift of creation that can be shared by so many.
Blessings Shirley Le Cheminant, Clairvoyant/Intuitive
August 2011 "

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