Gratitude Cards

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Gratitude Cards - sets of 50

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Have you decided to adopt an attitude of Gratitude? 

If so, this set of 50 cards will make it much easier to focus on all the little (and big) things that we should be grateful for every day. Sometimes it’s so easy to think of life’s more negative aspects - the long wait for the bus, the grumpy cashier at the supermarket and that annoyingly noisy neighbour – that we forget about the million fantastic things that happen to us every day.

Once you embrace this change and make Gratitude your central philosophy you will find that your sense of happiness markedly increases; these cards can help you to continue to embrace the positive.

“Your dreams can become reality”

“You can only change yourself. Let other people do what they need to do”

“All the answers are inside of you”

These colourful cards have been designed to operate as an attractive aide to your new lifestyle, helping to suggest and define the areas on which you should be focusing your thoughts.


There is no such thing as coincidence; keep this thought in mind as you allow these cards to guide you to a more positive state of mind. Whatever challenges you are facing, this set of 50 cards will inspire you to embrace an attitude of Gratitude. Make sure that you have your Gratitude Journal to hand, for you will soon be filling its pages with positive remarks!     


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