4 Elements Cards

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4 Elements Cards - set of 50

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This set of 50 beautifully designed cards will help you to answer your most profound questions.
These Guidance Cards represent the four elements: earth, air, fire and water. Your choice of card will depend on the answers that you seek.

Earth cards represent the root chakra, the sense of being grounded, stability and can offer advice and comfort to those who have been rocked by life events or are feeling unsettled or rootless.

Air cards are allied to the thought process; the choice of an air card will open your mind to universal power, inspiration and spirit. Do you need to add a touch of magic to your life? Or maybe you would like to feel as though you are flying higher?

Fire cards are linked to passion, fire, the sun, love and desire. If you would like a little more passion in your life – and who wouldn’t? – fire cards can provide expert advice.

Water cards represent the emotions and, like water itself, frequently advise the individual to adopt same free-flowing attitude to life.

Intention:The philosophy behind the Guidance Cards is an absence of coincidence that imbues every chosen card with a deep cosmic significance. Let your intuition guide you to the cards that offer the best advice. This system can be used every day, to help you to maintain focus, or on specific occasions to provide answers to your most profound questions.  


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