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Living Gratitude Meditation CD

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This CD will take you on a spiritual journey as you follow the two meditations and allow yourself to relax and rediscover your inner self.

The first meditation will help you to connect with the concept of Gratitude and enable you to give thanks for all the good things around and inside you, assisted by the vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls.

The second meditation will take you on an inspiring Gratitude journey, as you open your heart to all the love and joy that surrounds you and let go of the negative thoughts that impede your spiritual quest.

The third track consists of music created by the singing bowls, an unforgettable sound that will inspire you to create your own Gratitude journey.

You can also buy the mp3 files from by clicking on THIS LINK!


These two life enhancing programmes have been created to reinforce the importance of making Gratitude a central force in your life. Clear your head of all negative thoughts, adopt a relaxed pose and allow your body and mind to unwind and be healed.


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