Finding a Purpose in Life

What if, one day when you are easily teased or short humoured, you were to close your eyes for a couple of seconds and think about what you are truly grateful for in your life? How would you feel afterward? Truth is by doing a simple exercise like that you can shift your personal energy, setting a new course for your personal growth and happiness.

To feel gratitude, to be thankful and to show appreciation for everything you have in your life is essential to your personal well-being.

Line Lyster, local business woman, has firsthand experience of what positive impact the sense of Gratitude can give your life. But wisdom does not come easy. At age 17 she dealt with a mayor family trauma losing her mother to cancer. “My mother’s death was very hard on me and my family” says Line when she thinks back on that difficult time. The incident was followed by a natural instinct – what is it all worth? What is the purpose of my life?

During her soul searching she found herself attracted to spirituality, and Mind, Body Spirit workshops. She also read various self help books from authors such as Louise L. Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Susan Phoenix to name a few.

Slowly she found that she does have a purpose in life and in fact the more grateful she felt in her everyday life, the better her life actually became. But the key and the challenge was to stay focused on the feeling of being grateful – every day.

“I believe that words

 are very powerful, even though it may sound trivial but two simple words like ‘Enjoy Life’, they are incredibly meaningful and inspiring and it is something we often forget.”

Inspired by the power of positive thinking she started writing post-it notes and putting them on items where she would be constantly reminded to stay in that grateful state. She began noticing that she felt less depressed, less stressed and more satisfied in her life and as a result began attracting more abundance in all areas.However whenever she had guests over she felt embarrassed about having all these scribbled notes everywhere. This is what essentially made her create Gratitude Art. Being a graphic designer, she started with decorating her own home.

“Sometimes just a small reminder to focus on the things we are grateful for in our lives is enough to change our state and make us feel better. Or maybe to be able to talk about a love one that has passed over in an open environment” says Line.

Being a spiritual aficionado, Line works actively promoting and supporting people that relate to this alternative way of thinking with their own private project. Meditation workshops, mediumship readings are some examples of projects where she is involved.

Gratitude Art is currently sold on the online shop, but also in
shops all over Spain and in Denmark.


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