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We can help you create your own canvas

If you have a specific wish to a canvas that you would like either in your home or in your company, please contact us on 600 659 063 or email on:
We can design bespoke canvases for you - according to your wishes.
A good example of how Gratitude Art can create exactly what you want:
This was the task from one client:
I was thinking  if you could do a one-off design for me but I was thinking of Jasmine’s room (her unborn daugther) . A couple of people are drawing/painting  pictures for her room which is a really nice personal touch, but I was thinking about what you were doing in Gratitude Art - and I was wondering if you could do something like this:
Three separate square canvases - say 20cm x 20cm in different background shades (or the same) of various pink tones with some beautiful inspirational text and images on for Jasmine – you know like “the gift of life”, “individual”, “unique” ,“soul destiny”, “follow your heart”, follow your dreams”, all sorts of things like that – I would kinda like you to make them up as I think it would be an amazing piece to have in her room that is so personal  and special .I was going to attach say a pale pink ribbon between each one and hang them down the wall in her room – which was once your room!
... and this is the result:

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