Astrology Canvases

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Astrology Canvases

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How to interpret your Astrology Canvas

Your Ascendant Sign, the energies associated with this zodiac sign are symbolic of the general impression you make on others.

Your Sun Sign represents your vitality, your spirit, your self-expression Your Moon Sign represents your emotions, the way you ‘feel’ and your instinctive responses to everyday situations.
Your Mercury Sign represents your thought processes, the way you think and the way you use these energies to communicate with others.

Your Venus Sign (The planet of love, values and money) represents the energies you are attracted to; emotionally and materially, it is symbolic of your values and also what you need in life to feel secure.
Your Mars Sign represents your drive, your fighting spirit. The energies you use to get what you want. Jupiter represents expansion in all manner of ways and your Jupiter Sign represents the energies you use to grow, to develop, to expand and to find meaning in your life.
Your Saturn Sign represents your sense of duty and responsibility, self-control and self discipline.
Your Uranus Sign represents your freedom of spirit, your independence, your desire for change and ability to adjust to change Your Neptune Sign represents your ideals and aspirations.
Your Pluto Sign represents the energies you use to regenerate, to renew the Self. (Please note that the Ascending Sign will only be included on Canvases where the birth time is known


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