Gratitude in your relationship

Do you want to improve the relationship that you are in? Would you like to be happier on a daily basis and enjoy your partner’s company more? Then gratitude is the way forward.

When we first meet we are focusing on the best aspects of our new partner. We are excited every time we meet and notice the smallest things that our partner does. We tell our friends how wonderful he/she is, the endearing things that he/she did etc. We always concentrate on our new love’s positive side - and that is why it all feels so great! We are in love and inclined to emphasise the positive.

But then time passes and we slowly begin to focus on our partner’s more negative...Read more

Living Gratitude 

Are you concerned about your finances? Maybe you sense the fear in your stomach and hear a voice in your head pointing out all the things in your life that are wrong? That you could do better, are likely to be made redundant, especially once the economy crashes and the little stock that you have is now worth half its formervalue, etc. etc.

You turn on the TV and the newsreadersare confirming the story evolving in your head and it strengthens your fear and confirms that your inner voice is...Read More

Finding a Purpose in Life

What if, one day when you are easily teased or short humoured, you were to close your eyes for a couple of seconds and think about what you are truly grateful for in your life? How would you feel afterward? Truth is by doing a simple exercise like that you can shift your personal energy, setting a new course for your personal growth and happiness.

To feel gratitude, to be thankful and to show appreciation for everything you have in your life is essential to your personal well-being.

Line Lyster, local business woman, has firsthand experience of what positive impact the sense of Gratitude can give your life. But wisdom does not...Read more


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