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The power of Gratitude

Gratitude Art was created by Line Lyster as a result of seeing and experiencing how being grateful in her own life has increased her own well-being. Line found that the more she felt grateful in her everyday life, the better her life actually became. She felt less depressed, less stressed and more satisfied with her life and as a result began attracting more abundance in all areas. But the key and the challenge was to stay focused on the feeling of being grateful – every day. And this made her create Gratitude Art.

About Line Lyster, the founder of Gratitude Art

Line was only 17 years old when she lost her mother to cancer at only 50 years of age. In the following 3 years, she also lost her grandparents, her mother's sister and her mother's niece (only 33 years old). This experience split up what was left of the family, with each remaining member trying to deal with the loss as best they could. Nobody teaches us how to deal with bereavement. Line developed anorexia, and was considering committing suicide. She felt very alone and empty. Fortunately she found a book by Louise L. Hay and this started her on her journey of self-development and saved her life.

Some years later Line suddenly experienced the feeling of gratitude for what had happened to her. She realised that without this experience she would not have begun her search for meaning and she would not have been the person she is today. This was a turning point in her life and a very powerful experience.
If we can feel gratitude and say “thank you” for the "bad" experiences in our life, we can let them go and release them.

She now practises the "Art of being in a state of Gratitude" as often as possible, re-aligning and re-focusing any negative thoughts to positive, using the products she has designed through Gratitude Art.

Studies have shown that people who are more grateful experience higher levels of well-being. Grateful people are happier, less prone to depression, more able to handle the stresses of everyday life and generally more satisfied with their lives and their relationships.  Grateful people also have higher levels of personal growth, they have purpose in life and are in acceptance of their selves. Grateful people find more positive ways of coping with the challenges of life and are more likely to seek support from other people.  Finally, grateful people experience better sleep which is believed to be because they actively think more positive thoughts just before going to sleep.  So, an attitude of gratitude is essential and can transform your life.

Line Lyster created and founded Gratitude Art in 2008. She is also the founder and owner of Redline Company, a successful graphic design and marketing company based on the Costa del Sol, Spain.

Gratitude Art's unique range of products has been lovingly and individually crafted with a great deal of care and attention, to remind you to give thanks and gratitude to the universe.

We believe that each product has energy, and a vibration.

The product range includes:

Attraction Magnets, Gratitude Mugs, Inspirational Canvases, Unique Notepads with inspirational quotes, Gratitude Guidance cards, Bookmarks, Greeting cards and Complete Unique Gift boxes.

Gratitude Art is the perfect way to say Thank You - and therefore makes the perfect gift for friends and family...and remember to spoil yourself too! 

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