Welcome to Gratitude Art

First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting Gratitude Art.com and for giving me the opportunity to explain what Gratitude Art is all about.

How does Gratitude Art work?

Feeling gratitude every day transforms your life. It is as simple as that.

Are you ready to transform your life?

For many years I have been reading self-help/spiritual books from which I have learned and developed my attitude and sense of self. I truly believe that it is important to stay positive and to vibrate on the right level in order to attract good things and – less commonly mentioned, but equally important - to be grateful every single day.

However, just knowing and practicing these methods wasn’t enough and I found it difficult to stay focused on a consistent basis! I needed a way to remind me – every day – to keep vibrating those positive vibrations. At first I put up post-it notes around the house to remind me… it looked very messy, and every time the wind came in the room they flew off the walls and landed everywhere. If I had people visiting who were not “into all this”, it was kind of embarrassing with my small notes saying things like “Enjoy Life”, “All is well in my world” and “Trust the Universe”.


Then came my 5 euro corkboard where I pinned clippings from magazines about all the things I wanted to attract, again, making an untidy clutter of my living space. So I thought; there has got to be a better way to remind myself – a way that would decorate my house instead of messing it up, a way that would not make me look ‘weird’ when ‘non-believers’ came to visit me. Being a graphic designer, I began to think about what I could create as a decorative reminder and I came up with Gratitude Art.

I started with decorating my own home. Every morning when I open my eyes, the first place I look is at the Gratitude Canvas in my bedroom and I feel the effect and the power of the words. Then I created another canvas for my living room to make sure power-words were surrounding me – and looking great at the same time.

I hope that the product range you find at www.gratitudeart.com will have the same positive effect on you as they have had on me and my life, and help you to stay grateful, positive and focused.

Line Lyster
Founder of Gratitude Art


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